Tanzania Facts

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The United Republic of Tanzania lies on the east coast of Africa, just below the equator. It is boardered by Kenya & Uganda to the North, Rwanda, Burundi & Congo to the west, Zambia, Malawi & Mozambique to the south and the Indian Ocean to the east. It covers an area of 945,166sqkm – about 4.5 times the size of Britian.The Capital is Dodoma, though Dar es Salaam remains the largest and most important city. Arusha Town in the north is the ‘safari’ capital because of its location close to places like Serengeti, Ngorongoro & Kilimanjaro.

The currency is the Tanzanian Shilling (TZS). Local time is GMT +3 hours. The electric system is 220v ac 50hz.


Being near the equator means Tanzania has a tropical climate and no seasons like summer & winter. Instead the weather is dominated by ‘the rains’. The short rains occur in November through December and the long rains through April & May. January to March there are scattered showers, while June – October it hardly rains at all.

Along the Indian Ocean coast it can become quite hot & humid, but most of Tanzania averages 3000ft above sea level and as a consequence has a pleasent climate – with warm sunny days & cool nights.

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